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3103, 2016

Course Update 2016-03

One of the challenges of running a training course based on the technology from a cloud provider is that the feature set changes on a regular basis, there are new features, changed features and sometimes […]

2203, 2016

Zero to Cloud Competition Winner – Patrick Smith

Last year I ran a competition to win a free training course for your company.  The winner of the event was Patrick Smith from Allen & Overy.  In February I went to meet Patrick and his […]

2911, 2015

Common Newbie Mistakes when using Microsoft Azure

Recently I have been thinking about some of the common things I have seen organisations do when beginning their cloud journey with Microsoft Azure which may not initially be a problem but eventually when they […]

1011, 2015

API Management vs API Apps

In the Microsoft Azure cloud platform we have a few features where the term API is involved in the name. In particular API Management and API Apps.  In this article I would like to talk […]

From Zero to Cloud in 1 Day with Microsoft Azure

In this workshop you will be coached through a 1 day project where you will build a cloud ready application that will use the Microsoft Azure platform.  We will combine Visual Studio 2015, Visual Studio Online’s Application Lifecycle Management features and Microsoft Azure to build an application that uses many of the recognised best practices for modern software development.  At the end of this workshop you will have an application that you could take forward and turn into a production application.

Full Course Details
production ready Azure application

Open the door to using the Cloud

Many organisations struggle with where to start on their journey to using the cloud.  The Zero to Cloud in 1 Day workshop will put you in a position to clearly see how you can use the cloud now, and give you the foundation to see which areas you want to learn more about.  Join all of the organisations leveraging the cloud to help their business.

Combining the Best Development Tools

Microsoft provides some excellent tools to develop cloud solutions.  Learn how to combine them to develop awesome cloud applications.

A rich integrated development environment for creating modern applications and cloud services

The Cloud for modern business, cloud only and hybrid cloud applications

Cloud based collaboration and application lifecycle management for delivering application solutions

Course Highlights

  • Using Visual Studio Online

  • Learn about managing work in Visual Studio Online

  • Managing Source Code

  • Automated Build

  • Continuous Deployment

  • Developing Azure Solutions with Visual Studio 2015

  • Monitoring Azure Solutions with Application Insights

  • Deploying solutions to Azure App Service

  • Azure Web Apps

  • Azure Storage

  • Azure Virtual Machine

  • Application Insights

  • Azure Active Directory

  • Multi-Factor Authentication

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