I’ve been mulling over this competition idea for a while and have decided to be bold and just do it.

The simplest way to explain this is “Add an entry to our competition and if you are drawn out of the hat as the winner I will come to your company and run the Zero to Cloud in 1 Day with Microsoft Azure training workshop for FREE for your team, subject to the competition rules below”.

Before entering the competition please read through the rules at the bottom of this post.


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To enter the competition, provide your details below and follow the instructions on the competition widget.

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About the Training

If you would like to find out more about the Zero to Cloud in 1 Day training workshop then the below slides will provide an overview.  There is also a lot of more detailed information on the Zero to Cloud in 1 Day page.




I need to include a few rules for the competition:

  1. If you are inside the Europe, Canada or USA then it will be completely free of charge, I will cover all of my travel and accommodation expenses
  2. If you are outside of the EU, Canada, USA then by entering the competition you would agree to cover my travel expenses to visit your company to deliver the training workshop, but the training itself will be free
  3. If you are the winner then your company would be happy to be included in communications about the training workshop we do so that we can tell people about the winners
  4. The winner will be able to bring 10 people from their team to the workshop
  5. The closing date for the competition will be the 7th December 2015 at 11:59pm GMT
  6. The winner will be drawn over the weekend of 8th-9th December 2015
  7. We will contact the winner by the email provided on the entry for and they have until 31st December 2015 to accept the prize otherwise the competition will be redrawn
  8. The workshop will be provided at the winners location.  For example we will use a meeting room in your office which could hold 10 people.  We would also need a projector and big screen and ideally a whiteboard
  9. Attendees to the workshop will bring their own laptops to use during the training or we will use PC’s in your office
  10. The workshop will be held in 2016 and we will arrange a suitable date agreed 30 days in advance so I have plenty of time to make travel arrangements.  If you are close by we can probably do this at short notice
  11. The winner is the individual who is drawn from the hat and they can choose which company gets the training.  If for example you were to move jobs between entering the competition and the time the competition was drawn.  In this case, if you won then you could choose to train your new team

Can’t Wait?

If you really like the look of the training workshop and cant wait to get started then rather than waiting for the competition get in touch via the Contact Us page where you can arrange a workshop sooner.


To give you an idea of what people have thought about the Zero to Cloud in 1 Day with Microsoft Azure training workshop below are some testimonials.

The Zero to Cloud in 1 Day course has provided the team with a solid foundation understanding of the cloud, and where it can be most effectively used to help bring solutions to life. Colleagues completed the course with a clear vision of how they can begin working with Microsoft Azure technologies, and have already begun developing and deploying cloud based solutions as a team
Oliver Davy, Enterprise Architect @ University of Northumbria
Friday was excellent – well done!

Rob’s Blog goes into more detail – http://biztalkersblog.azurewebsites.net/zero-to-cloud-in-1-day/

Rob Bowman, BizTalkers
I did this in Leeds last week; ‘Zero to Cloud’ is a hands-on course where we went from setting up a dev vm, through to building and deploying a web-app, and beyond. As we progressed, we set up
auto build and deploy, as well as multi-factor authentication. To cover all this in a day was good, but throughout Mike injected real-world use cases and hard-won ‘gotchas’. The course works for a range of IT pros, and is not limited to the devs. If you or your team want to utilise the Cloud, then this course will kick-start that process.
Phil Chalk, Integration Architect @ Manheim Auctions
I have been wanting to get into Azure for a while, but as a BizTalk Freelancer this has been challenging.

When you work with BizTalk you often find yourself locked into older versions of Visual Studio and its associated tools because you are working with an older version of BizTalk (say 2006 R2) which only supports an older version of Visual Studio. So you do not routinely get exposure to the newer tools and in addition technologies like Azure are often not being used by your clients.

Consequently you have little or no opportunity to acquire these skills during normal day to day working. Some form of training is therefore essential, but as a freelancer time for such things is very limited as it imposes a double hit of the cost of the training and the lost opportunity cost of time off contract. So you try to use the usual methods of low impact skills acquisition: books, blog postings and tutorials but these often do more harm than good because they contain inaccurate/incomplete information and they do not keep pace with the rate of change of these tools and technologies So we need a different approach to training – something more agile, more current and something more concrete.

This is where the Azure Coach comes in. This form of training allows you to produce something tangible in a day. Rather than separate topic-based isolated activities, each exercise builds on the previous one to create an evolving solution where real-world skills are being developed which will form a proper foundation on which to build a deeper understanding .

Michael’s deep knowledge of the subject coupled with a willingness to go off-piste to share detailed ‘tales from the field’ covering best-practices, pitfalls to avoid, etc. make this course all the more effective.

I look forward to the next training days which could perhaps cover things like the Resource Groups/Manager (to help organise solution assets), use of PowerShell scripts for automation/repeatability, deeper exploration of web apps and SQL Azure and so on.

Highly recommended.

Simon Young, Hastati