This week I had the priveledge of being invited to speak at the Technology User Group as part of their on going roadshow where they have been travelling around the UK delivering events.  In Newcastle they had a great group of people with a predominantly IT Pro background.

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At this event I decided to present a session called Super Charged Prototyping which was based around some thinking I have been doing for some upcoming events I have planned.  In this session I wanted to talk about some things I did which combined Minecraft and Azure to create a proof of concept and then talk about how some of these became real projects.


The slides for this session are on the below link:

Demo Video’s

I have put some videos below covering some of the things we talked about during the session.

Minecraft Telemetry

In this video we were playing around with an IoT type scenario where we want to track usage telemetry from the buildings within Minecraft.  In this case we created sensors on the buildings which could push events to the Azure Service Bus Event Hub.  From here we could use Azure Stream Analytics to move the data to Power BI which would give us a reporting tool to visualize the data.

Minecraft consumes API

In this video we will look at the high level use case where we consumed an API from Minecraft.  We will focus on the actual scenario here and look at the lower level detail of Azure API Management in the next video.  In this video we protect the treasure room by integrating the door into an on premise instance of active directory.

Minecraft + BizTalk to implement a reliable Business Process Integration scenario

In this example we looked at how we might expose an existing integration process implemented in BizTalk Server to the cloud so that we could expose it via a new channel which in this case was Minecraft.

Extending the Scenario with a Logic App

This example extended the original scenario with a new use case where we did not want to add risk to the existing process to change it, but we also did not know for sure the business idea would work.  In the example we used a logic app in Azure to detect when an application was approved and then used the logic app to send an sms alert.

This light weight integration point would be a great example of how Azure supported a quick win implementation but also had low cost and the ability to easily remove it if the idea did not work.


At the Technology User Group event we ran a competition and although we forgot to draw it on the day because of all of the excitement Mike England drew a winner from those who came to the event for the winner to receive a free ticket to the Zero to Cloud in 1 Day training in Newcastle on the 2nd October.

The winner was – Andrew Pounder

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