Last year I ran a competition to win a free training course for your company.  The winner of the event was Patrick Smith from Allen & Overy.  In February I went to meet Patrick and his team to deliver the training and had a very enjoyable time spending the day with them.

After the training I asked Patrick to tell us a little about the cloud journey that Allen & Overy are embarking upon.


  • Where do you feel Allen and Overy are on their cloud adoption journey?

At A&O we are just beginning our cloud adoption journey. We have a few small applications accessing the cloud but have plans and requirements to move our enterprise architecture roadmap into this space.


  • What features of the Microsoft Cloud do you think might be the most interesting for your company?

As we are relatively new to the cloud space so security, especially protecting our clients data, and monitoring are major concerns.  So Azure Active Directory and Application Insights are two features we are definitely interested in.


  • Which Microsoft Cloud features do you personally find most interesting?

Coming from a developer background I like the ability to spin up Virtual Machines and utilise Operational Insights to help in capacity planning are really good features. Also the automated build and deployment processes encourage moving towards a DevOps model of software development. This is something I am very keen on developing and growing at A&O.


  • What areas do you feel are some of the challenges you will face in using the cloud

Extending our corporate network onto the cloud and trusting that our data is secure, accessible and under our control at all times is a major concern. Also, within the company we need to move towards a more cloud-first mind-set and encompass regulatory and compliance concerns driven by our clients.


  • What are your thoughts on how winning the competition may help A&O

The attendees at the training were from a varied cross section of departments and all found the training interesting and informative. Some even said that they will be setting up new accounts so they can do all of the exercises again (including myself!). It also gave those attending a good grounding which was beneficial at another Azure training session later in the week. A very positive reaction that I hope will permeate through the company.