One of the challenges of running a training course based on the technology from a cloud provider is that the feature set changes on a regular basis, there are new features, changed features and sometimes deprecated features,

From a trainer’s perspective its a little bit frustrating because it means your content sometimes needs to change a bit otherwise it becomes out of date.  I think in the Zero to Cloud in 1 Day course this is one of my differentiators in terms of trying to keep the course up to date with the things that attendee’s need to be learning about and I try to keep it focused on the idea of what would be the best way to build the target application using Azure today and in the short term future.

With this in mind I have made a couple of changes to the course recently:

Resource Groups

I’ve been keeping an eye on resource groups for a while and trying to decide when was the right point to update the course to cover them and also to decide if they were the right feature to include in the course.  While its pretty clear that resource manager is the strategic direction microsoft is taking, for a while I have felt that there has been some missing guidance on how you should handle your resource groups.

In the most recent update I have included a section about resource groups which is more than just “pick the name for one when you create a resource”.  I think now is the right time for the Azure generalists to start really thinking about resource groups and lets get that fundamental mindset from day one.


Azure Dev/Test Labs

I have also been watching the preview of Azure Dev/Test Labs for a while too.  I think this is a key area a lot of companies will benefit from when they start their Azure journey.  In the course we create a development capability but I felt that even though the feature is still in preview, now is a great time to start showing the value Azure Dev/Test labs can bring to your development efforts on Azure beyond creating your development environment completely by hand.


With the above two things in mind, below is the updated architecture for the application we will build within the Zero to Cloud in One Day powered by Microsoft Azure course.