Michael Stephenson

Cloud & Integration Architect | Microsoft MVP

Pluralsight - Copy

  • >35 Real-world Azure Projects
  • 5 years experience using Azure for Real-world projects
  • >7 years in the Microsoft MVP programme

Mike is a highly experienced Cloud & Integration Architect specialising on the Microsoft technology stack.  Mike has experience working with customers in both the private and public sector and companies outside of the UK to help them on their cloud adoption journey.  Mike also has a lot of experience in the integration of applications on premise, in the cloud and in hybrid scenarios.

Mike is heavily involved in community activities and has spoke at many conferences including the highly original session at the London BizTalk Summit where Mike demonstrated how he worked with one customer to create a model office using the Microsoft Azure Cloud and was able to build a model university in Minecraft which could use hybrid integration to leverage systems in the model office.


To find out more about Mike you can see his website: http://microsoftintegration.guru/

Or a video of Mike speaking at the London Integration Summit – http://www.biztalk360.com/integration-platform-support-vision-2025/