Zero to Cloud in 1 Day


Accelerate your knowledge of Microsoft Azure

In conferences you may have heard Microsoft talk about show case customers who have built cloud applications using Microsoft Azure over the course of a weekend.  It’s quite a bold statement of the speed of delivery of cloud applications but this workshop aims to show that it is possible and in fact we can take someone with no Azure experience and coach them to build their first cloud application in 1 day.

Not only will we build an application in a day, we will do it following many of the recognised best practices along the way.

Course Overview

“Zero to Cloud in 1 Day” is a “project in a day” style workshop which can supercharge your understanding of the Microsoft Cloud.  In this workshop we will undertake a project where the aim is to start from nothing and build a development environment in Azure.  We will then use this development environment to build an application which we can deploy to the cloud.

We will also use Visual Studio Online to implement some of the key Application Lifecycle Management best practices which can ensure you build high quality applications with automated build, automated testing and continuous delivery.

We will take our cool new application and then integrate it with the enterprise class, cloud scale Azure Active Directory identity system and lock down security so users must also use multi-factor authentication to access the application.

At the end of the workshop you will take away your development environment and application which you could then add features to easily turn it into a production application.



The following people would benefit from this course:

  • Developers who want to get a quick start to learning Azure
  • IT Support Staff who want to learn some of the skills underlying the applications they may support on Azure
  • Development Managers who need to get a high level understanding of the cloud tools their team may be using
  • IT Pro’s who want to learn about Azure in order to better support their development teams and to begin learning about some of the Microsoft Platform as a Service offering
  • IT Architects & Decision Makers who want a hands on introduction to Azure so they can make informed decisions about the future direction of their business

Required Experience

  • A very basic familiarity with Visual Studio
  • There is a tiny amount of C# coding during the course but anyone can do it so dont be put off if you have not coded before
  • No previous Azure experience is required, we start from zero

Course Outcomes

Azure Portal

Learn to use the Azure Portal to navigate and manage resources


Use Azure Storage and learn how to access it

Virtual Machines

Learn about virtual machines and how to use them for cloud hosted development environments

Visual Studio 2015

Get an introduction to the latest version of Microsoft’s software development tool and some of its features for cloud development

Automated Build

Setup automated build to monitor source control and to compile and test your code after each check-in

Continuous Deployment

Setup Continuous Deployment so that each successful build is deployed and ready to use


Configure Application Insights so your application health telemetry data can be viewed via the Azure Portal

Azure App Service & Web Apps

Learn how to setup an Azure Web App and to use it

Work Management

Learn how to setup and use Visual Studio Online and get an introduction to managing tasks and projects

Source Control

Use Visual Studio Online to manage and protect your application source code


Learn to configure your application to use Azure Active Directory for enterprise grade, internet scale security

Multi-Factor Authentication

Configure your application to use multi-factor authentication and learn how to use it in Azure Active Directory

Workshop Prerequisite’s

Windows Live ID

Sign up for a Windows Live ID – Click Here

Azure Free Trial

Sign up for a Microsoft Azure Free Trial – Click Here


Bring your own laptop so we can make sure your setup to learn more on your own after the workshop

Mac Users

If your a Mac user please install the latest Microsoft Remote Desktop Services app – Click Here

Topics & Modules

The exercises and modules we will go through in the course will cover the following areas:

  • Setting up Visual Studio Team Services to manage your project and application lifecycle
  • Managing your project with Visual Studio Team Services Work Items
  • Linking Azure and Visual Studio Team Services
  • Azure Resource Groups
  • Azure Virtual Machines for Development
  • Setting up Azure Backup
  • Setting up Azure Operations Insights
  • Building a web app with Visual Studio 2015
  • Setting up Azure Web Apps
  • Configuring Azure Web App Auto-scaling
  • Deployment to Azure from Visual Studio 2015
  • Setting up Visual Studio Team Services Source Control
  • Creating Automated Builds and DEployment in Visual Studio Team Services
  • Add Application Insights to your application
  • Using Application Insights Availability Monitoring
  • Setting up SQL Azure
  • Securing your application with Azure Active Directory
  • Tighted security with Multi-Factor Authentication
  • Azure Dev/Test Labs

By the end of the course we will have built up an application architecture which looks like the following application.

Train My Team

If you have a team and many of your team members could benefit from the training workshop we can arrange to come to you and deliver a private training workshop for your team.  This can be a great way to get everyone trained together rather than waiting for everyone to attend public workshops.

If you would like to discuss this please get in touch via the contact us form.  Click Here

Course Overview


Friday was excellent – well done….. More Info
Rob Bowman, BizTalkers
The Zero to Cloud in 1 Day course has provided the team with a solid foundation understanding of the cloud, and where it can be most effectively used to help bring solutions to life. Colleagues completed the course with a clear vision of how they can begin working with Microsoft Azure technologies, and have already begun developing and deploying cloud based solutions as a team
Oliver Davy, Northumbria University
I have been wanting to get into Azure for a while, but as a BizTalk Freelancer this has been challenging.

When you work with BizTalk you often find yourself locked into older versions of Visual Studio and its associated tools because you are working with an older version of BizTalk (say 2006 R2) which only supports an older version of Visual Studio. So you do not routinely get exposure to the newer tools and in addition technologies like Azure are often not being used by your clients.

Consequently you have little or no opportunity to acquire these skills during normal day to day working. Some form of training is therefore essential, but as a freelancer time for such things is very limited as it imposes a double hit of the cost of the training and the lost opportunity cost of time off contract. So you try to use the usual methods of low impact skills acquisition: books, blog postings and tutorials but these often do more harm than good because they contain inaccurate/incomplete information and they do not keep pace with the rate of change of these tools and technologies So we need a different approach to training – something more agile, more current and something more concrete.

This is where the Azure Coach comes in. This form of training allows you to produce something tangible in a day. Rather than separate topic-based isolated activities, each exercise builds on the previous one to create an evolving solution where real-world skills are being developed which will form a proper foundation on which to build a deeper understanding .

Michael’s deep knowledge of the subject coupled with a willingness to go off-piste to share detailed ‘tales from the field’ covering best-practices, pitfalls to avoid, etc. make this course all the more effective.

I look forward to the next training days which could perhaps cover things like the Resource Groups/Manager (to help organise solution assets), use of PowerShell scripts for automation/repeatability, deeper exploration of web apps and SQL Azure and so on.

Highly recommended.

Simon Young, Hastati
I did this in Leeds last week; ‘Zero to Cloud’ is a hands-on course where we went from setting up a dev vm, through to building and deploying a web-app, and beyond. As we progressed, we set up
auto build and deploy, as well as multi-factor authentication. To cover all this in a day was good, but throughout Mike injected real-world use cases and hard-won ‘gotchas’. The course works for a range of IT pros, and is not limited to the devs. If you or your team want to utilise the Cloud, then this course will kick-start that process.
Phil Chalk, Integration Architect @ Manheim Auctions