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The aim of the prerequisites is to get all course attendees at the same starting point with the same Azure setup to make the course labs as smooth as possible.  Please complete the steps below to setup your course prerequisites in advance of the course.

Step 1: Create a Windows Live ID

Please register a new windows live id using the below link.  You can either use the email you would get if you use a completely new microsoft id or use a googlemail address or something similar.

The key think is that signing up with a new id below means we will be starting with a completely clean account and a new Azure Free Trial.


Step 2: Sign up for an Azure Free Trial

After you have a Windows Live Id you will need to sign up for an Azure free trial.  This will give you a 1 month free trial and 125 pounds of free azure use.

Please can you sign up for a trial using the Windows Live Id you have created above.  Please dont add any resources to this new azure account until the start of the course to ensure we have a clean azure account when we start.

You can sign up on the below link.

Please note that during the sign up process you need to supply a bank card which is used for identity verification.  The azure account has a spending cap on it which means you cannot go over the free 125 amount unless you specifically remove the spending cap.

At the end of the course you would be able to delete your account if you wanted to.  You would not be charged any money for your Azure use during the course or after unless you remove the spending cap.


Step 3: Laptop

Im hoping you can all bring laptops or desktops with you on the day so I can be sure when you leave the workshop you are able to get everything working on your own laptop so you can continue learning azure later.  There are no special requirements for the laptop, just wifi connectivity.  We will be doing nearly every activity via the Azure portal or on the Azure development VM we will setup during the course

If anyone has any laptop problems please let me know and ill bring some spares in case we need them.

The only thing to double check with your laptop is we have found some Mac users need to ensure they have the latest remote desktop connection app from the app store.  The latest is:



  • What happens at the end of the free trial

At the end of the free trial your resources on Azure would disable and you would no longer be able to use them unless you remove the spending cap.

  • Can I use my existing Organisational Account for the Azure Trial

Our preference is that you would use a completely clean setup with an account not tied to any organisation which will minimize any potential differences in the exercises where an organisation might have a slightly customized azure setup.

An example of where we once had a problem with this was a course attendee once had a problem where their organisational account didnt give them access to the Visual Studio 2015 RC Azure Gallery image.  Our preference here is to minimize any potential problems on the day which could lose time troubleshooting and risk us not completing the project within 1 day.

  • Can I use my MSDN account for the Course

It is possible to use your MSDN account for the trial but we would prefer if you used a new clean trial just to ensure all attendees are using the same setup.

  • Can I use my Work Email for the Trial

While it is technically possible to use your work email for the trial/course, your organisation may already have Azure setup and be using things life ADFS federated authentication for your organisation.  It is still possible to register your work email as a Microsoft account and an Organisation account.

You can use your work email as long as it is registered as a Microsoft Account and has a new Azure Free Trial.  Again this is just to get all attendees on the same setup at the start of the course.

Post Course & Troubleshooting

If you need some help while completing the courses additional information can be found on the following link:

The Azure Coach Training Course Help