Zero to Cloud in 1 Day

Some of the feedback from others who have attended this course is below.

The Zero to Cloud in 1 Day course has provided the team with a solid foundation understanding of the cloud, and where it can be most effectively used to help bring solutions to life. Colleagues completed the course with a clear vision of how they can begin working with Microsoft Azure technologies, and have already begun developing and deploying cloud based solutions as a team
Oliver Davy, Enterprise Architect @ Northumbria University
Friday was excellent – well done!

Rob’s Blog goes into more detail –

Rob Bowman, BizTalkers
I have been wanting to get into Azure for a while, but as a BizTalk Freelancer this has been challenging.

When you work with BizTalk you often find yourself locked into older versions of Visual Studio and its associated tools because you are working with an older version of BizTalk (say 2006 R2) which only supports an older version of Visual Studio. So you do not routinely get exposure to the newer tools and in addition technologies like Azure are often not being used by your clients.

Consequently you have little or no opportunity to acquire these skills during normal day to day working. Some form of training is therefore essential, but as a freelancer time for such things is very limited as it imposes a double hit of the cost of the training and the lost opportunity cost of time off contract. So you try to use the usual methods of low impact skills acquisition: books, blog postings and tutorials but these often do more harm than good because they contain inaccurate/incomplete information and they do not keep pace with the rate of change of these tools and technologies So we need a different approach to training – something more agile, more current and something more concrete.

This is where the Azure Coach comes in. This form of training allows you to produce something tangible in a day. Rather than separate topic-based isolated activities, each exercise builds on the previous one to create an evolving solution where real-world skills are being developed which will form a proper foundation on which to build a deeper understanding .

Michael’s deep knowledge of the subject coupled with a willingness to go off-piste to share detailed ‘tales from the field’ covering best-practices, pitfalls to avoid, etc. make this course all the more effective.

I look forward to the next training days which could perhaps cover things like the Resource Groups/Manager (to help organise solution assets), use of PowerShell scripts for automation/repeatability, deeper exploration of web apps and SQL Azure and so on.

Highly recommended.

Simon Young
I did this in Leeds last week; ‘Zero to Cloud’ is a hands-on course where we went from setting up a dev vm, through to building and deploying a web-app, and beyond. As we progressed, we set up
auto build and deploy, as well as multi-factor authentication. To cover all this in a day was good, but throughout Mike injected real-world use cases and hard-won ‘gotchas’. The course works for a range of IT pros, and is not limited to the devs. If you or your team want to utilise the Cloud, then this course will kick-start that process.
Phil Chalk, Integration Architect @ Manheim Auctions
The Zero to Cloud session provided a great introduction to MS’s Azure with excellent tutorials, manuals and hands on labs. It covered all of the popular aspects that many a developer/consultant/architect would find useful and wanting to implement
Andrew Munro, .net Developer @ Northumbria University
This training session was perfect for my own requirements and skillset. The structure of the training day was a really good method of laying the groundwork for what Azure has to offer, for those of us who have not yet got our hands dirty but keen to explore this as a viable cloud-based platform for future solution architecting projects. I am now much more comfortable in assessing how Azure could be utilised if such an opportunity arose tomorrow. I must thank Michael Stephenson personally for both providing the prize itself, and for giving such a great learning session on the day itself.
Andrew Munro, Engineer, Technical Services @ SPX Bolting Systems
excellent trainer
Chris Morgan, Senior Apps Developer @ Allen & Overy
Great Course and training, covered a wide range of topics, with hands on experience. Michael was very knowledgeable, for the course content and our questions. All free to setup your little piece of the cloud for a month trial, and you get to take what you’ve learned and built away with you after the course.
Darrell Strike, Integration Technical Architect @ Allen & Overy